About Us

DajuWood was founded in South Tyrol (Italy) in 2015. The idea of manufacturing regional woods into high-quality wallets has been implemented with the creation of DajuWood. After months of planning and several attempts, the founders were able to create a more than acceptable product of a wooden wallet, which aims to be a serious contender to the common leather wallets.

Sustainability is a must at DajuWood!

This is not only achieved in a fine selection of the raw materials but also in an optimized and efficient flow of production. A main goal is therefor to purchase the natural material from our regional suppliers so that the wood is traded under the fairest conditions of the market.
So from the individuality of every wood fibre and the long-standing experience in the art of manufacturing a product of elegant design and excellent quality is created. Led by the fundamental idea to create something fantastic and unique, we continually work on improvement to fulfil the self-imposed pressure to meet high quality standards.
Dajuwood stands not only for sustainability and precision but also for individuality. This target is met by the wide selection of self-made products and by the possibility to customize every product on your wish. We have something to offer for everyone!
Well, come share with us the beauty and the diversity of the natural product wood and fall in love with your own unique masterpiece.


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