Designing, developing, manufacturing ... FOR LOVE OF DETAIL

As experts in wood design, we do our level best to make your life happier and more enjoyable. We are working for you. DajuWood is a way of life. Our products are not only sustainable and functional, they are a statement, they represent what is cool and casual, but they also showcase our attention to detail. Clear lines, corners and edges, striking features, a distinctive product with a strong personality ... what more could you want from a wallet?

DajuWood stands for individuality, not least because of the fact that no two products made of wood can ever be identical. A wallet in wood by DajuWood fits in perfectly with the lifestyle of young people. And what is more and the most important thing, it looks just great!

When you are working with wood, an understanding of one's own roots is of key importance. As a South Tyrolean business we understand that only the best is good enough. Every stage, from design and production to final quality control, is carried out in our delightful South Tyrol region in northern Italy. And of that we are very proud.
As we are committed exclusively to wood and its versatility, we can guarantee the highest quality in terms of material selection and processing. We perform personal checks during production - because you deserve only the BEST.


Our products are an expression of these values. DajuWood incorporates this philosophy.



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