For all our products we use various hard woods, mainly from South Tyrol. With the emphasis on regional sourcing, we are able to reflect the beauty of our homeland in our products. We at DajuWood only use woods, which find a use in the timber trade, but are then discarded. They are actually categorised as offcuts. Since we are committed to sustainability, we have made it our goal to get the BEST out of these offcuts, to use the BEST, to produce only the BEST.

Wood is natural, it’s distinctive, it’s unique. Given all the different colours and patterns in the raw material, each DajuWood product is unique. We can offer all of our products in a wide variety of woods. These types of wood have one thing in common: they are very robust, they feel good, sit pleasantly, warmly and smoothly in the hand. They are simply beautiful. Whether you prefer the exotic grandeur of zebrano, the classic beauty of walnut, the Mediterranean elegance of olive or the rustic clarity of the oak, what you choose is entirely up to you, to your taste and your personality. Whatever you choose, your decision is bound to be a good one.


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